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wandering spiral

Wandering Spiral, featuring Michelle Davidson and Rick de Yampert, is a music duo who perform East-West fusion, Buddha lounge, trance soundscapes and their arrangements of Beatles classics and Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir." They perform at cafes, art festivals, yoga sessions, sound meditations and sacred gatherings throughout Central Florida. Wandering Spiral's instrument palette includes sitar, Native American flutes, tongue drums, bass, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, and tribal percussion.

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* Michelle Davidson is an artist, writer-poet, musician and psychic empath. Her visionary artwork is available at Michelle is the author of the book "Florida's Haunted Hospitality," which details her spooky encounters with the paranormal at inns and B&Bs across the state. Learn about her psychic intuitive services at Michelle also is a musician who plays bass, tongue drums, and crystal and Tibetan singing bowls. With Rick she is half of the music duo Wandering Spiral.

* Rick de Yampert is a freelance writer, musician, poet, artist and lecturer on sacred topics. He wrote about the arts, entertainment and pop music for 25 years at newspapers in Daytona Beach and Nashville, Tennessee, before becoming a freelance writer in 2015. As a musician, he plays sitar, Native American flutes and tongue drums. As the music duo Wandering Spiral, he and Michelle perform at cafes, art festivals, sacred events and yoga sessions throughout Central Florida and beyond. As an artist, Rick takes photos of the crows who visit his Palm Coast home, shape-shifts the photos via digital "woo-woo," then prints the trippy, psychedelic images for sale on canvas. See his art at As a lecturer, Rick has presented programs on the Hindu sacred Om, shamanic drumming, Taoism, the world's Goddess traditions and more at Pagan gatherings and UU churches. He has followed a Pagan spiritual path since the early 1990s.

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