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dru ann welch

Dru Ann began her spiritual journey in 2001. She works in Sound, Color and Energy healing. She is an Author, Oracle Deck Creator, Motivational Speaker and Immersive Meditation Facilitator. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Education.  Dru Ann is a featured presenter at expos, holistic fairs and festivals.  Learn more about Dru Ann at

Here is a list of Dru Ann's workshops for Autumn Meet 2023: 

Saints and Sinners: Preserving the Historic PastCemeteries are a passion of Dru Ann and she offers to lead a discussion about the value of historic African American cemeteries in today's world. She explains their historic significance, their importance to community and how they need families and communities to care and preserve them.

Sound Bath featuring the Crystal Singing Bowls and Tuning Chimes.  Take a moment and immerse yourself in the sounds of the crystal singing bowls.  .

You and Your Aura.   Do you see auric fields? Have you?  Learn about the aura and how it changes.  Learn a few simple ways to enhance your auric vision.

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