Getting Ready for Festival




​In order for everyone to have the most fun we have a few guidelines for you during your stay. Sorry, but it must be done.


The laws on the outside apply to the inside. We still have to obey the laws of the muggles and mundane.


All fires, except the ritual fire, will be required to be in above ground containers. No campfires will be allowed on the open ground or in pits. No fires will be allowed if conditions are deemed unsafe by either PFI, Ranch representatives, or local fire authorities. Please bring your own firewood if you intend to have a fire.  WE DO NOT SUPPLY FIRE WOOD.


If Ranch receives complaints from neighbors, they will request that we lower the volume to a more acceptable level. Drum sounds will be monitored for volume and may, also, be required to lower the volume to appease local law enforcement and/or neighbors.


Visit the camera page for more information! 

Absolutely no photography of nudity of any kind will be allowed at any time. Permission must be obtained from every recognizable person in the photo or viewfinder. Please respect others privacy. Use of any pictures or video obtained during the festival for public viewing or distribution  must have the written approval of the people in the photo; and, the Event Coordinators or a member of the Board of Directors of Phoenix Festivals, Inc. Respect must be given and honored to those who do not want their picture taken. Failure to abide by these rules will result but are not limited to one or more of the following:  Eviction from the event. A Phoenix Team member will identify and enforce when photography cannot be a part of the festival.


Visit the Pet/Service Animals page for more information!

Due to insurance restrictions we can no longer allow dogs unless they are registered service animals. If you just show-up at the gate when festival opens, with your dog, be prepared to take them home or to a near-by kennel of your choice.  
email: for questions about service animals.


Participants are not permitted in the pastures that contain livestock. No exceptions! Feeding of livestock is not permitted without permission of Ranch Representatives. Attendees are required to remain within the festival grounds section of The Ranch unless permission is received from Ranch representatives.


Smoking is not permitted in the Ritual area, under any roof (this includes all pop-ups), or where posted. Please be considerate and dispose of any butts responsibly and do not throw them on the ground. Please position yourself downwind from those around you who may not want second hand smoke.


Please be mindful and respectful when using your cell phone for phone calls, text messaging and photo taking with regards to workshops, rituals, sacred spaces and ritual fire. If you must take a call, be sure to take the call outside of these areas. Be sure to have your cell phone silenced or on vibrate when participating in activities. Please do not text during workshops, rituals or other activities. Please review the photography guidelines for use of cell phones and social media. 


During the festival please park your vehicle outside the gate in the parking lot. Please place the parking pass in your windshield. Parking lot will be check and unauthorized vehicles will be towed. Please follow the road outlined through the festival. Speed Limit on festival grounds is 5 MPH and is ONE WAY.


We are not dry, but we do expect you to drink responsibly. Do not serve minors. All guests under 21 years of age will wear a green  & white "Under Age" wrist ban. No sales of alcohol will be permitted except by licensed vendors.


Keep them clean.  If you find you need more toilet paper in a porta-pottie, please find a Team Phoenix member or visit the registration desk. Only human waste and toilet paper are allowed. Sanitary items should be wrapped and taken with you for disposal in garbage can outside the potty. Do not leave them in the porta-pottie. The Porta-Potties are serviced every morning. Please close the lid when finished using the porta-potties.


Please put it in the dumpster provided or take it with you! Please do not leave it where you camp or by the receptacles next to the porta-potties. Please leave your campsite cleaner than you found it. The farm animals will appreciate it!


We ask that all children & minors be at their camps by 11:00 PM. Children under the age of 16 years old are not allowed in the drum circle after 11 PM. This time is set aside for those adults who do not feel comfortable dancing with minors present.


Nudity is not allowed in the Youth Activities area or in the pool area occupied by unaccompanied minors. In public areas, please carry a sarong or towel and use it to sit on.  You will be immediately expelled and permanently banned from all Phoenix Festival Inc's events for overt sexual behavior in public or any form of sexual harassment.


Maddox Ranch

2505 W Bella Vista Street, Lakeland, FL 33810 

The camping site is a few miles from I-4 and just around the corner from Publix (2300 Griffin Road Lakeland, FL 33810), and Walmart just a little further. There's plenty of room for shaded tent camping and the energy from the huge, old oak trees make our festival site feel like a little bit of paradise. For anyone who has difficulty tent camping there are several local hotels and restaurants nearby.

​RV’s are welcome; however, there is no electricity or water available on site to hook up to. Generators are welcome but their use will restrict your available camping area choices (this applies to RV’s also). Alternative methods of power generation are welcomed and encouraged. ​

Google Maps shows the festival's entrance at the owner's driveway.


The festival entrance is the next driveway to the right on the map, the road along the sand pits. 

​The proper entrance will be clearly marked with Phoenix Festival signs as you drive up.


Driving Through Festival Grounds is 5 MPH and ONE WAY


Packing for Festival

This is a semi-primitive camp site which means you are required to bring everything that you need to be self sufficient during your time at festival including tenting and personal items. 

We do not supply camping equipment. There is no electricity available on site. Remember to bring your medications.

Below is a list of helpful items to bring.
It is by no means exhaustive, but we hope it helps when planning to camp at Festival.

Sleeping Area

Tent with Rain Fly

Tent Poles

Tent Stakes/Line

Hammer for Stake

Tarp for Under Tent

Sleeping Bag/Blanket


Air Mattress

Air Mattress Pump

Batteries for Pump

Tent Broom & Dustpan

Tent Lantern w/ Batteries

Tent Fan

Tent Fan Batteries

Living Area

​Canopy Tent

​Canopy Tent Stakes

Canopy Tent Weights

Canopy Tent Line

Canopy Lights

Batteries for Lights



Canopy Lights/Lantern(s)

Canopy Light Batteries

Camp Altar Table

Camp Altar Set Up

Ant Killer

Citronella Candles

Kitchen Area

Propane Canister

Propane Stove

Table for Stove

Fire Extinguisher

Cooking Pots

Cooking Utensils

Dining Ware

Dining Utensils

Water Bottle


Water Storage


Dish Cloth(s)

Dish Pan

Biodegradable Dish Soap

Garbage Bags

Small Recycle Box


Personal Items​



Ritual Garb

Ritual Jewelry

Ritual Tools



Flashlight Batteries


Phone Charging Cord

Means to Charge Phone




Wash Cloth


Biodegradable Wipes

Basic First Aid Kit

Feminine Supplies

Hair Brush

Flip Flops for Shower

Bug Spray


Arrival & Parking

at Festival

Gates Open Wednesday through Saturday  |  9 AM to 10 PM

Arrival Time

Please be aware that due to festival insurance restrictions, ONLY staff members and their pre-approved, registered family members will be allowed on the festival grounds before 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday. ​There are no exceptions to this rule.  Vendors may arrive after 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

Check In

Upon arrival, all Festival attendees are required to check in. During check in, you will receive your wristband, event guide, and festival information. Your festival wristband must be worn and visible at all times during the event. Lost wristbands can easily be replaced at the registration booth. After you check in, you will be given ONE hour to find a place to setup your camp. Unload your belongings and then move your vehicle to the parking lot as soon as possible.

Anyone who is discovered on festival grounds without being registered or wearing someone else's wristband will be subject to expulsion from the grounds for trespassing.


All vehicles must be parked and remain parked in the designated parking lot. Please move your vehicle to the parking lot after unloading your vehicle and before setting up your camp. Be sure to have your parking pass in your windshield when you park your vehicle in the designated parking area.


Learn the Ranch


In the center of the festival grounds you will find a big blue pop-up. This is our Community Center.  Anyone is welcome at any time to use the Community Center. At times there  may be a workshop, so please try not to disturb this activity if you're not participating.  The Community Center is a great place to play a game, put a puzzle together, sit and talk or just enjoy a good cup of coffee. All Phamily members are welcome to bring their meals to the Center to eat. Sharing mealtime is a wonderful way to the community together and is a great way to meet people.

Elemental Tents

There are​ four tents in each of the cardinal directions - (Earth/North, Air/East, Fire/South and Water/West). These tents are used for workshops. You will need to bring your own chair for any workshops hosted under these tents. Some have tables, but chair space is limited.


There are ​porta-potties through the camp. There are disabled access porta-potties as well as regular.

Gates and Roads

There are two gates, one an entrance and one an exit. Traffic is ONE DIRECTION ONLY on festival grounds (clockwise). Please also remember that the speed limit is 5 MPH. There are children and ranch animals running about and going faster than this endangers them. Please help us keep the ground safe.

Ritual Circle

In the central area of the grounds is the ritual circle. The main ritual of every evening is held here, as well as nightly dancing and drumming.

Vendor Row

Near the ritual circle and community center, there are two rows of vendors. Pay them all a visit to discover their wares and services.

First Aid

Have an accident? Need a Band-Aid? All golf carts have a first aid kit on board. We are not equipped to handle any large accidents but a hospital is a short distance away.

Generator & RV Area

Generators and RV's must stay in the area to the left as you come into the grounds. Solar generators may be where they wish, as these do not make noise.

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