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Oracle Hekataios

Oracle Hekataios is an active priest and oracle of both the Goddess Hekate and the God Dionysos. Author of "Strix Craft: Ancient Greek Magic for the Modern Witch," he is initiated into multiple traditions of the Craft, and has taught students nationwide in the Art Magical. A self-proclaimed eternal student of the Mysteries, Oracle's passions lay in the Hellenic Mystery cults, traditional witchcraft, and ancestral workings. Using the power of trance and mediumship, Oracle assists people in cutting cords, healing ancestral ties, breaking curses, facilitating inner wholeness, and strengthening the aura and energy centers. He lives in East Central Florida. 

Here is a list of Oracle's workshops for Autumn Meet 2023: 

Jesus, the Hero Cult. The Hero Cults of ancient Greece and Magna Graecia in particular had a major influence on early Christianity. Those influences extended to what became known as the Saint Cults. However, the Hero Cult had specific parameters, and is Jesus a Hero? Did the ancient Greek mind impact Christian non-Jews to accept this as a doctrine to make it easier for acceptance? Explore this fascinating topic with Oracle Hekataios, and see whether this Hero Cult is relevant today for those who call themselves witches, polytheists, and Neopagans.

The Oracle of Hekate.  An oracular rite wherein Oracle Hekataios induces trance to allow themselves to be possessed by the Goddess as she is drawn down. Come and celebrate, join in worship, and hear her voice speaking to you. 

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