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Oracle Hekataios

Oracle Hekataios is an initiate and Elder in multiple Traditions of the Craft. He is a medium, an aborisha in Lucumí, and a seer and priestx of the Goddess Hekate Trioditis and Dionysos Eleuthereos. Oracle is the author of 'Strix Craft: Ancient Greek Magic for the Modern Witch' published by Llewellyn Worldwide, along with other, minor publications from Black Philip Press such as the popular 'Know Thyself Series.' 

An interfaith minister located in Florida, he works out of the Sea Witch of Cocoa Village offering ceremonies, cleansings, healing, readings, and mediumship. He is currently earning his degree in Religious Studies from Florida International University

Here is a list of Oracle's workshops for Phoenix Phyre 2024: 

  1. Ananke and the Weaving of Necessity. In this workshop, Oracle explores Ananke, the Weaver of Fate in the ancient Orphic and modern Strix Mysteries. What is Fate? Is it predetermination? Are our lives chosen before we incarnate? What about magic and spellcraft? Where does changing our lives fit in with Fate and Necessity?"

  2. The Oracle of Dionysos. Join Oracle Hekataios as he draws down the God Dionysos. Come be blessed by the God and join in worship and revelry. For those attending, please bring an offering of one of the following: an apple, wine, a pear, seedless white grapes, sparkling white cider, or a stick of incense, preferably India Temple, Nag Champa, or Frankincense and Myrrh.

  3. Nyx and the Interconnectedness of Magic and Eco-Consciousness.  Oracle Hekataios explores Nyx, the Star Goddess of the Strix. Here he presents the concept of Magic and how the practice is a fundamental part of humanity's eco-consciousness - the impact on the human and terrestrial bio-psycho-social environment. From Nyx to Gaia to the various incarnations of the Earth Mother, learn how the weaving of Magic comes alive in your everyday Nature walk.

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