Festival Camera Rules

Team Phoenix and the entire Phoenix Festivals, Inc. community would like to thank you in advance for the consideration given to the community. We want you to have a good time while creating a photo memory of the event. Your consideration and understanding of the needs of the community and its members is important.

We hope you will send us a duplicate of your photos and copies of any video you obtain. This will help us in seeing the event through your eyes. We wish you happy shooting. We don’t want to inhibit your enjoyment but we must take steps to protect our community. 

Requirements for Photography and Videography:

  • You must ask permission of a child’s parent or legal guardian in order to photograph any child. Minors cannot give you permission to photograph them.

  • Permission must be obtained from every recognizable person in the photo or viewfinder. Please respect others privacy. Be polite and ask vendors for permission before photographing anything they are selling.  Do not photograph rituals, except from an unobtrusive distance AND with advance permission of the ritual leaders or Team Phoenix!!  You must obtain permission of workshop presenters/performers before taking any photos or video of them. ​

Absolutely NO photography of anyone nude at any time!

  • Use of any pictures or video obtained during the festival for public viewing or distribution must have the written approval of the people in the picture and of the promoter of this event (the event coordinators or the Board of Directors of Phoenix Festivals, Inc.)

  • Respect must be given and honored to those who do not want their picture taken

  • Failure to abide by these rules will result but are not limited to one or more of the following:

          a.       Loss of camera for the event
          b.       Loss of film or data card.
          c.       Eviction from the event.

  • Cameras, Camera Phones or other recording devices are NOT allowed in the fire circle area unless you have permission. A Phoenix Team member will identify and enforce when photography cannot be a part of the festival. Picture taking or recording of main ritual is not allowed DURING AND BEFORE the ritual. Anyone wishing to take pictures of the altars, guests or staff may do so after the ritual has ended and the circle is released. 

  • Team Phoenix will have a designated photographer taking pictures throughout the festival and will post them on this website and Facebook.

What can I take pictures of?
You may take still photos OR videos for your own personal remembrance, except:
No images of rituals, except from a completely unobtrusive distance and with advance permission of the ritual leader(s).

  • No nude photography.

  • Out of respect to presenters and performers, you may only record workshops and concerts if given permission by the presenter/performer(s).

You must stop photographing upon request.

How may I share pictures?
Limited-access social media (e.g. Facebook "friends-only" albums) is allowable if every reasonable effort is made to preserve the privacy (as Pagans) of everyone in the photos. If someone commonly posts photos of themselves in Pagan contexts, it's understood that this person is comfortable being identified as Pagan, and their photo can be posted in a collection viewable only by your friends.

Distribution via photo sharing sites (e.g. Facebook Public album, Flickr, Imgur or Photobucket) is only allowed if you request and are given permission by all identifiable persons.

Media and all commercial use is allowed only with a written release.
You must take down publicly-posted images upon request.

What does "identifiable" mean?
Someone is "identifiable" if a friend or co-worker could identify a person in a still or video by appearance or by gestalt. Note that videos often make identification easier. Minors may not legally consent to having their photo published: you must speak to their parent or legal guardian.

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Copyright ©2019 All images, text, and video are the intellectual property of  Phoenix Festivals, Inc. and their agents, copyrighted per federal statute and infringement is punishable by law.

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