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Phoenix Rituals


​Join us to create sacred space and invite the Watch Towers and Guides to be with us in a space between the worlds.


Carrying a Torch for Liberty by Diana Paxson

The Statue of Liberty is an icon of American freedom, welcoming the immigrants who have made our nation great. Her torch not only enlightens the world, its blaze can reveal the evils that fester in our land. In this presentation, learn Her history and work with her to banish hate and fear.


Each festival, our youth coordinate and  present to the community a ritual of their own creation. Each festival's ritual is unique and special, just like our youth! They sometimes get a bit messy but it is all in good fun to raise energy for the community.

ALL Phamily members, young and old, are asked to participate

and take a bit of youthful energy away with them as they leave the circle.  



Information Coming Soon




additional daytime rituals

Oracular Seidh with Diana Paxson.  When the seeress ascends the high seat, she opens herself to the wisdom of the gods and the ancestors. As in ancient days, bring your questions and she will seek answers.

British Traditional Wicca Ritual by ATC WISE 

Faerie & Elemental Ostara Ritual by Syn

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