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​Trisha Parker: Event Coordinator

Trisha is Phoenix Festival’s Coordinator as well as the Treasurer/Secretary of the Phoenix Festival Inc.’s Board of Directors.  As part of the phamily for over 10 years, she has experienced several of the festival’s changes and wants to ensure its continuance by doing whatever it takes. Her greatest coup, after connecting with SJ Tucker, was obtaining Phoenix Festival's 501c3 status in 2015!  Her passion is educating the public about Wicca.  She holds a degree in Accounting BA and volunteers as bookkeeper for the Aquarian Tabernacle Church where she currently teaches “Tarot and Divination” and “Magical Herbalism”.   She is a Second Degree Priestess of the Covenant of the WISE - ATC and a Second in her local Gardnerian coven.

​​Robert Eric Goodrich: Assistant Coordinator

Robert’s first event at Phoenix was as a Site Team volunteer at Autumn Meet in 2014. In the spirit of being volun-told, Robert assisted in several areas of the festival. Robert found his niche as the site auctioneer, and is renowned in his willingness to be the go-to Guinea-pig for whatever experiments may come his way, especially if it involves food. Robert took on the role of Site Team Manager for Autumn Meet 2015, and has now transitioned into the Assistant Coordinator for 2018. Robert is a Second Degree Gardnerian and has a strong belief that all things in the Universe are connected, so he does his best to show respect to all living things. Robert’s work ethic is unequaled and is willing to help out and assist however he is able. Feel free to seek him out with any questions or concerns you may have about the festival, Wicca or life.

Kristin & Andrew Reinlieb: Registration Team

Kristin and Andrew Reinlieb joined Team Phoenix during Autumn Meet 2017 and have been an asset to the festival ever since.  Kristin’s beautiful smile and willingness to help anywhere and Andrew’s calm character and mechanical sense bring a balanced force to the Team and Registration Desk. 

Mike Bomber: Site Manager​

Mike has attended Phoenix Festivals for over 20 years and has volunteered in one capacity or another at each of those gatherings. He volunteered for the Site Team for over ten years, then served as Assistant Site Manager for two years and, finally in 2018, he moved to Site Manager.   Mike has also been involved with the drumming community. He is a prominent drummer and can be seen nightly drumming around the ritual circle.  He uses his drumming for healing, dancing , and pure enjoyment. He has facilitated drumming classes and organized large drum circles. Mike has also served as the Phoenix Festival Fire Tender for 3 years keeping the festival fires lit and burning bright for the community. He also serves the community with the Council of Sages - three of those years as leader of the Sage Council.

Laura Ingersol: Youth Activities

Laura is an intuitive eclectic witch whose own practice mostly revolves around the Norse pantheon.  Her creative, playful spirit seeks to embrace the beauty, magick, wonder and awe surrounding us all.  She loves working with youth because they are naturally brimming with the knowledge of wonder, magick and joy.  Being able to serve the future of our community as an encourager of exploration, guider of growth, and inspiration of imagination is an honor beyond words. 

​cassie: registration coordinator

Cassie is an integral part of the Phoenix Phamily for many years. Her smile greets guests at the Registration Desk where she works her magic keeping track of our volunteers and all that nasty but necessary paperwork.  

Glen Ingersol: Teen Program

Glen, an adherent to the path of the Machine Spirit, is a huge nerd and provider of the “Luxury Gaming Facility” at Phoenix Festivals. The “Luxury Gaming Facility” is available from “breakfast -dinner” for Magic: The Gathering and board games, with a break at 1pm for workshops. After dinner - 1am the “Luxury Gaming Facility” runs an ongoing Dungeons and Dragons (3.5 / Pathfinder) campaign.  *All times Pagan Standard Time in the Teen Area.

Sehrevyn (Gail): Fundraisers

Gail, originally from Virginia, moved permanently to Florida in 1985 and currently resides in Largo, Florida. She is a mother of two wonderful sons & grandmother to a beautiful granddaughter. After quitting a career in accounting to follow her heart, Gail now spends her time remodeling and renovating homes.

Sehrevyn, her name in the Pagan community, is a natural born, solitary witch for over 20 years and is currently working on "personal studies".   She is active within her community performing public rituals, hosting festival events, tending to local elders and is looking forward to whatever comes next! Sehrevyn is so excited to work with the "Phamily" as we rise from the ashes.

Carol Ann: Ice Queen & Nut Bus Commander

Carol Ann or Shambalah to the pagan community, is a Natural Green Witch and native of the Florida swamps. Of Native American descent, Shambalah has a natural gift for animal magick which has resulted in a lifetime of rescuing and healing wounded animals. As a Green Witch, Shambalah practices herbalism and holistic healing for all The Mother's creatures, great and small.

At festival, she can always be found under the "Exotically Rare Tropical Bra Tree" under which Shambalah is also known as Mother Amucker. She is also matriarch of The WitchCrafters, est. 2007.

Athena: Tech Maven

Athena is a priestess, author, artist, retired musician and martial artist residing on the Space Coast of Florida. Her practices are eclectic, combining knowledge she has gathered over her three decades of practice. She focuses her time on leading her circle, writing and teaching. 


Athena creates and attends to the Phoenix website, graphics, social media, Eventbrite and pretty much anything else technical. If you have questions or comments about any of those things, please direct them to her at

Fire Tenders

Barb the Fire Goddess



Goddess may be called upon by one of Her triple aspects:  Maiden, Mother, Crone.  Many women can easily identify with the first two; however, Her third face is often hidden in mystery because the Crone aspect is both feared and often rejected by our Jet-Set culture.  A Crone is NOT a weak, elderly woman content with knitting and darning in the morning, tea and mundane, household afternoon chores, followed by an early bedtime!  NO WAY!  A Crone is a Wise Woman, a knowledgeable teacher, a strong, impassioned elder of the community to which she serves.  She demands and has earned her respect from those whom she serves.  She is not to be locked away and forgotten.  This is the type of woman who sits on our very own Phoenix Crone Council. 

The Phoenix Crone Council was formed in 2011 when our head Crone, Ardeith, resigned due to her inability to stay over and attend festival full time. We announced a meeting after her resignation and those who showed up became the ‘Council’.  During this meeting, we agreed to serve as Council for three years. The members currently are:  Dianne Bomber, Mary Francis and Wynette Kimble.  When present on site, we also include Ardeith and Elspbeth.  We fondly remember and honor our favorite crone, Diane Hmieleski, who crossed over in 2016.    

While we are still finding our way, our intention is to guide the group’s leadership in our community.  In the recent past we have led workshops with our children, including storytelling, a Mad Hatter tea party, and crafting ritual robes.  The Crones co-led the main ritual at Autumn Meet 2016 with the Sages and hope to lead many more.  We have created a dedicated space in the Elder’s Tent where we offer advice, guidance or even meditation; we relay festival history; provide adult workshops;  and finally, it is our strong desire to perform Rites of Passage for the women of our phamily:  Cronings in the fall and Womannings in the spring.  We welcome your presence so come sit with us.  

To become a member of the council, our guidelines are that a woman has reached the second turn of Saturn, has consistently attended Phoenix festivals for three years, and has the unanimous agreement of current council members.  We welcome your interest and wish to increase our numbers! 




​Hey Phamily! If you would like to be more involved in the Phoenix community and to have a voice in the choice of your community leaders, you may become an Association Member.

To qualify you must have attended six of the previous 10 festivals AND participated as a Team Member (staff) or contributed four volunteer hours during each of the six qualifying festivals.

The Membership Fee is $30 the first year and $10 per year after that.

The Association meets twice a year at each festival and has a membership page on Facebook.

​If you would like to join or would like to know if you qualify, contact

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