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Festival Vendors

Vending for Autumn Meet 2023 is closed. 

You rock crystals
kathi wahls store.jpg

You Rock Crystals carries hundreds of different stones and crystals from small tumbled stones to beautiful specimens and everything in between. We also have wearable stones in pendants, bracelets, beaded strands and earrings, smudging supplies, tapestries and some interesting “only bring to Pagan festivals” items!

purple finch.webp
Purple finch caravans

A group of wandering wolves and witchery, travelling around the country to hand source ingredients for our occult wares; including spell oils, curios, altar decor, ritual tools, metaphysical supplies, and bone based crafts. Being able to firsthand verify the ethical sustainability and authenticity of our supplies is of the utmost importance to us. Drawing from a background of Chinese folk magics and New Orleans style conjure, all of our products are heavily researched, produced with integrity, and completely handmade. We never sell anything we haven't made ourselves.



Wicci is fancy witchy garb, specializing in witch hats

Byron's book.webp
Headliner booths


 Drawing from her years as an Appalachian village witch, Byron Ballard presents a hands-on, back-to-basics guide to building a magical practice in her brand new book, Small Magicks. Byron will have her other great tomes for sale too.


Oracle Hekataios will have his book Strix Craft which author Mat Auryn calls "An Invaluable Contribution".  Oracle is a very talented and powerful oracular reader too!

headliner booths

Heron Michelle

Reiki master, tarot card diviner, and clairvoyant specializing in past life retrieval.  She will have books, her beautiful 2024 Great Work Calendar

and much more. 


Sangoma Olodoye


citrus pottery.webp
citrus pottery

Kalenika is a potter and mixed media artist who enjoys experimenting with color to create stunning works of art. Her passion is exploring the healing and intuitive side of art.

Check Kalenika out here:

Dru Ann Welch

Come visit Author Dru Ann Welch on Vendor's Row.  

I am the author of 13 books, creator of 2 oracle decks and the performing artist on 4 CD’s. 


What's in your aura? Get your Aura Photographed.  Come see me and we can discover this together. I'm excited to see who you are.

My booth has a little bit of something for everyone featuring Books, Tarot Cards, Wine Bottle Lights, Tie Dye Shirts and Harem Pants.

dru ann.jpg
Viking Chef Forge

My journey as a blacksmith started back in August of 2020. Before that I had the title of head chef. Covid hit and I decided it was time to start working for myself. I had already made my first knife at the time and I decided I was gonna sell blades for a living. With the support of my amazing wife, I dove into into bladesmithing with 0 experience. I told myself failure was not an option and that I had to make it work. Since then Ive been full time making blades. During this short time I’ve managed to make around 400 blades. Thank you for reading my story!

Paradox Treasures

willow's pagan shop

I sell all things mystical:  Cloaks and some Clothing, Hats, Wands, Ceremonial Drums, Pipes, Pendants, and so much more.

Paradox Treasures will have a variety of crafty, witchy things handmade with love, intent and care.

Myriad Fae Creations

Myriad Fae Creations which features my polymer clay art;  headdress horns(pairs and unicorns), OOAK faery and Merfolk figurines, beads, and miniatures. Multi-medium craft work includes crowns, trinket boxes, and jewelry.  I’m also hoping my new line of Baby Faery Dragons will be ready to premiere.  Check her out:

Ruth Davis-Hays’ three book series(number four is almost done), Translations from Jorthus. It’s a fantasy/science fiction series about magic, mayhem, and the mysteries of the universe. Original artwork of Jorthus, chapter books, and mini Dawnstones will also be available. Ruth is planning on attending the festival on Saturday and will be available for book signing.

I’ll also have the Morrigan’s Brood book series by Heather Poinett Dunbar and Christopher Dunbar. Their stories combine history and Pagan deities in epic tales of blood and lust.

kate davis.jpg
Green Man's Gifts Herbal Shoppe

We try to take a holistic approach towards doing what's best for our clients' health, which means that we look at factors that range from diet, to lifestyle habits, possible complications, and anything else beyond just symptoms.  The herbs sold, and ingredients used for our products are either harvested from pesticide-free and organic sources we cultivated, or from companies who also care about ensuring pesticide-free and organic growing conditions.

Vendor Registration


Vendor Registration

We consider vendors as important to festival as workshop leaders and entertainers. Vendors add to our festivals and give back to us with the merchandise you sell to our community. For many of our Phoenix Phamily members, this is the only festival they attend all year and this is the only opportunity that they get to buy merchandise of this type.

Rules & Guidelines​
  • Vendors may arrive on Tuesday, after 1:00 PM. For any special arrangements or considerations please contact us.

  • Vendors must provide their own booths as well as a fire extinguisher. Merchants are required to have fire extinguishers displayed on the outside of their booths (bungee cords work great).  

  • Booths can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. Most vendors use a 10 x 10 pop-up with a few tables. 

  • Vendors are responsible for their own taxes, property and wares. Phoenix Festivals, Inc., or Solomon Springs cannot be held responsible for any losses that arise from vending. Most vendors camp behind their booths where there is room, but your car must be parked in the designated parking area.

  • Vendors may not sell or barter the following: food (unless you are an approved food vendor), alcoholic beverages (unless licensed), tobacco, tobacco products, paraphernalia for tobacco use, firearms, other incendiary devices, and any other item prohibited by local, state or federal laws. There is absolutely no sale or bartering of tattoo, piercing, or other body modification services.  

  • Merchant spaces are limited to pagan merchandise and all vendors are subject to approval by Coordinator(s).  The approval process takes a few days and you will be notified by email. 

  • We will post on this page when Merchant sites are no longer available. 

Multiple merchant spaces may be purchased.

Spaces are limited and the availability of electricity is first come, first serve.

If you wish to become a vendor, please email

with the following information before registering for the festival:

1. First Name, Last Name, Street Address, email

2. Business name, emergency contact information, and size of space needed

3. Basic description of your shop and what you offer.

Once your shop is approved, you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed.

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