Autumn Meet 2019 - Through the Veil



Intentionally Natural ValaTerrah was born of passion for natural products and the desire to assist others in living a harmoniously sustainable life. We believe in the benefits of Integrative Medicine for All.  We are a public support service that provides advocacy in Complimentary and Alternative Medicine in combination with Intentional Healing services specifically for the integrated body, mind, and spirit. We provide holistic wellness services rooted in Intentional Healing specifically for the integrated body, mind, and spirit.  We offer public support services in: Client/Patient Advocacy, Pastoral Life-Guidance Sessions, Holistic Wellness Coaching, Intentional Healing (Reiki) Sessions, Herbal Consultations, Nutritional Support, Matrimonial Services, and Notary Services. We offer workshops and classes in: Intentional Healing (Reiki), Meditation, Stress Reduction, Nutrition, Exercise, Art Healing, Garden Healing, Herbal Preparations, Essential oils, and more.We have the following natural handmade products available for purchase: Healing Salves, All in One Men's Balm, Winter Warming Balm, Lavender Honey Essence, Anxiety Clear Essence, Dandelion Ginger Essence, and Elderberry Syrup Mix.  


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Body Mechanix Acupuncture & Twin Ravens Apothecary

Body Mechanix Acupuncture will be providing acupuncture and Fire Cupping for a variety of maladies. Twin Ravens Apothecary will be selling Hand Crafted candles and Goat Milk soap.  





MW Flutes

Belts & Chains      

We craft chain, day by day, link by link, looking for the wonders that lie dormant in the chain and the scale and the art. We practice the millennia old art of chainmaille, first invented by our Celtic ancestors. We offer a wide variety of wares from full body apparel to individual jewelries and accessories, as well as other unique artworks and sculptures. Our primary medium is pure anodized aluminium, guaranteed to never to rust or fade. Our anodized metals provide us with more than 30 bright and shiny colors, and we love colors. All of our wares are child friendly, providing great accessories and toys that will last a lifetime. As all of our wares are handmade, customization is only a question away. If you can think of it, we can probably make.    

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