Festival Vendors

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Willow's New Age Emporium

Sandra is a long practicing Eclectic Witch who loves making custom altar boxes, spell bottles, Mojo Bags, Dolls (of all kind!) Will have cloaks and oh so much more.  

Om My Goddess

Come visit Om My Goddess to find handmade crystal and clay trees and sculptures; original artwork; leather pouches and runes.  Celora also makes her own clothes and accessories too.  Visit her at https://www.facebook.com/ommygoddess/ 

Mama Gina (confirmed)   

The new music is finally ready to share with everyone!  Firewood & Rust pre-order is now LIVE on bandcamp! https://mamagina.bandcamp.com/album/firewood-rust-pre-release Check out the link to listen, read about the inspiration for each song, and pre-order NOW!  Let your friends and family know.  And THANK YOU for listening and supporting this independent artist. 

Grandmother Elspeth (confirmed)

Visit Grandmother Elspeth for her books, CDs and her husband, Nybor's art. ​

Diana Paxson (confirmed)

Diana L. Paxson is known as an author as well was a teacher and priestess. In the vendor’s area she will have the following books for sale: Taking up the Runes, Trance-Portation, The Way of the Oracle, Possession, Odin, and Essential Asatru.  She will also be available for private Rune Readings before or after her presentations. Sign up on sheet at the booth.

Belts & Chains      

We craft chain, day by day, link by link, looking for the wonders that lie dormant in the chain and the scale and the art. We practice the millennia old art of chainmaille, first invented by our Celtic ancestors. We offer a wide variety of wares from full body apparel to individual jewelries and accessories, as well as other unique artworks and sculptures. Our primary medium is pure anodized aluminium, guaranteed to never to rust or fade. Our anodized metals provide us with more than 30 bright and shiny colors, and we love colors. All of our wares are child friendly, providing great accessories and toys that will last a lifetime. As all of our wares are handmade, customization is only a question away. If you can think of it, we can probably make.    

Massage by Bebe

BeBe is a licensed and Certified Medical Massage Therapist with over 15 years of experience.   Trained in many modalities from rehab massage to reflexology. During her career BeBe has always strive to provide the best quality service, Showing a true dedication and passion in her work finding a great balance between her healing and spiritual gifts. she makes sure to Listen to each individual client request and  performs customized massage that truly meets their request.  All styles of massage are just a dollar a min. Payment accepted through cash, paypal, credit cards and more. 

Dru Ann Welch (confirmed)

A little bit of something for everyone featuring Books, Tarot Cards, Wine Bottle Lights, Tie Dye Shirts and Harem Pants.

Góðan Daginn

We are an agro-educational icelandic farm in NE Florida.  We teach leather, wood, metal, and fiber. We make everything we sell.​

Earthly Enchantments & Healing

Jennifer Chan is an intuitive healer that works with the energies of Crystals, Herbs, Oils, and much more. She holds certifications as a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer (CCH), as well as a Crystal Master (CCM) through Hibiscus Moon and currently working towards my Aromatherapy Certification.  She works with multiple energy streams and teaches as well as gets down to the essence of issues through hands on / "Crystal on" healings and clearings.  She creates and carries a wide array of Smudge Sprays for those who can't "light up" due to smoke & allergy issues, Perfume blends for Stress, Anxiety, PTSD related issues (men & women), Crystal Grid bases & crystal grid kits, Reiki Infused bracelets, Tarot/ Oracle decks, and much much more!   

MW Flutes

We offer a beautiful selection of hand-crafted bamboo flutes and rattles, fishing flies and feather jewelry.


Unleash the Goddess (unconfirmed)

Kerri Hirsch Upton is a long-standing member of the pagan community. She is an artist who loves to share her original designs in the form of glass jewelry, coloring books and much more. Her booth offers unique clothing for men and women. Belly dance attire for all ages and sizes, hats,jewelry, hank drums, and so much more. Unleash the Goddess is a full service art, clothing and accessories boutique featuring the many artistic creations of Kerri Hirsch Upton and Jon Skoglund. With the invaluable presence of Martha Allen as store manager the three of us can help anyone create their own Fabulous Hippy Swag style!! We specializing in fun festival wear and accessories for any gender!! We also focus on plus sized clothing as well as all things Geekdom!!

Lion Ladies Creations

The Lion Ladies are a group of artisans and craftspeople bound together by a love of our arts and a dream to bring our creations to the Pagan community. We have created handmade Pagan pretties and one of a kind jewelry for you. Custom commissions are welcome, and our services include on-site jewelry repair and wire-wrapping.


Vendor Registration

We consider vendors as important to festival as workshop leaders and entertainers. Vendors add to our festivals and give back to us with the merchandise you sell to our community. For many of our Phoenix Phamily members, this is the only festival they attend all year and this is the only opportunity that they get to buy merchandise of this type.

Rules & Guidelines​
  • Vendors may arrive on Tuesday, after 1:00 PM. For any special arrangements or considerations please contact us.

  • Vendors must provide their own booths as well as a fire extinguisher. Merchants are required to have fire extinguishers displayed on the outside of their booths (bungee cords work great).  

  • Booths can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. Most vendors use a 10 x 10 pop-up with a few tables. 

  • Vendors are responsible for their own taxes, property and wares. Phoenix Festivals, Inc., or Maddox Ranch cannot be held responsible for any losses that arise from vending. Most vendors camp behind their booths where there is room, but your car must be parked in the designated parking area.

  • Vendors may not sell or barter the following: food (unless you are an approved food vendor), alcoholic beverages (unless licensed), tobacco, tobacco products, paraphernalia for tobacco use, firearms, other incendiary devices, and any other item prohibited by local, state or federal laws. There is absolutely no sale or bartering of tattoo, piercing, or other body modification services.  

  • Merchant spaces are limited to pagan merchandise and all vendors are subject to approval by Coordinator(s).  The approval process takes a few days and you will be notified by email. 

  • We will post on this page when Merchant sites are no longer available. Be sure to fill in all spaces that are required on this form and please be detailed when describing your merchandise.

The merchant fee for this festival is $25.00 per 10 ft. x 10 ft. in addition to registration fees.

Multiple merchant spaces may be purchased.

Spaces are limited and the availability of electricity is first come, first serve.

If you wish to become a vendor, please email ThePhoenix@PhoenixFestivals.com

with the following information:

First Name, Last Name, Street Address, email

Business name and Shop Owner's name for listing

Shop Description and High Resolution photo or logo

Size of Space Needed

Emergency Contact Information


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