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Welcome to the Phoenix Nest!

We have an engaging, creative youth activities program during the day. Kids ages 3 and up are welcome to participate. Some of our activities include magical crafts, games of all kinds, mini workshops, and just plain fun. And don't forget, kids under 11 get FREE admission!



This program is not free, it takes a village and a budget to make the magick happen, ​so please do not forget to sign up for a volunteer shift in the kids area and remember donations are always welcome!

Friday Night Ritual

There will be a very spirited, youth led community ritual ​on Friday night at Phoenix Phyre Please come prepared to immerse yourself in this experience!

Children of the Phoenix Nest will be guided through activities in growth and be encouraged to explore the beauty of the world around them in hands on workshops, crafts, and many other adventures.


The tools, lessons, and adventures explored in the Phoenix Nest provide a foundation for weaving magic, spirit, and wonder into the everyday. Kids, ages 3 and up, are welcome to come enjoy and learn in our realm. Our program runs concurrent with the adult program.

Check back soon for the youth program for Phoenix Phyre 2020. For now, take a look at the offerings from Autumn Meet 2019.

​​Wednesday Afternoon

Stop in to say hey and help us set up the magical nest for all the upcoming adventures


10:00 am: Journey to connect with Nature and explore the energy of the world around us all.  

1:00 pm: Pendulum Workshop. A hands on activity.                    

3:00 pm: Pendulum Divination Board Workshop.



10:00 am: Ritual building                                                                 

1:00 pm: Archery with Laurie from the Purple Cauldron

3:00 pm: Ritual preparation and practice. 

5:30 pm: Ritual costuming.

6:00 pm: Friday Ritual led by Phoenix Youth.



10:00 am: Magical Defense with Shaman Monk Ethan.

1:00 pm: Ice cream social followed by crafting with Elizabeth or Beginning Poi with Tony.

3:00 pm: Advanced Poi and other spinning techniques with Tony 


We do not offer childcare, we offer an interactive youth program.
You are responsible for the supervision your children.

Please also remember that this is a free program that is volunteer dependent.
If you are using the program, we ask that you serve 2 hours per family in the program.
This can be set up, clean up, helping with a class, or providing materials as a donation.


Their passion and love for guiding children through magically adventures is overwhelming and quite contagious.​


Laura is an intuitive eclectic witch whose own practice mostly revolves around the Norse pantheon.  Her creative, playful spirit seeks to embrace the beauty, magick, wonder and awe surrounding us all.  She loves working with youth because they are naturally brimming with the knowledge of wonder, magick and joy.  Being able to serve the future of our community as an encourager of exploration, guider of growth, and inspiration of imagination is an honor beyond words. 

Teen Program Schedule

Teen Program for Phoenix Phyre 2020 Coming Soon. Check out what we offered for Autumn Meet 2019!

Zombie Survival - Thursday 1:00 pm

Spiritual enrichment is our highest calling; but its hard to concentrate when you're being chased by the undead! Learn how to survive the onslaught, and how to survive in more mundane adversities, such as hurricanes.


Twikle, Twinkle, Little Regular N-Sided Polygram Friday 1:00 pm

Tying into the powers of prime numbers, Numerology, and Geometry, we will discuss the many permutations of stellate figures: stars of all shapes and description, and for a variety of purposes!


A Lock Made of Thoughts: Cryptography  Saturday 1:00 pm

Ciphers, Codes, and Encryption are subjects of political debate, and are used in business, and on our devices. What is Cryptography and what can it do for you? We will cover background information on the history of cryptography as well as implementations - some can be done at a desk quite easily to protect journals and notes, or can be incorporated into one's Practice.

Teen Activities Coordinator


​Glen, an adherent to the path of the Machine Spirit, is a huge nerd and provider of the “Luxury Gaming Facility” at Phoenix Festivals. The “Luxury Gaming Facility” is available from “breakfast -dinner” for Magic: The Gathering and board games, with a break at 1pm for workshops.  After dinner - 1am the “Luxury Gaming Facility” runs an ongoing Dungeons and Dragons (3.5 / Pathfinder) campaign.  


*All times Pagan Standard Time in the Teen Area.

If you have something to share, to teach or want to help, please let them know! Please take the time to check out our teen program and encourage our youth, for one day they will be leaders of our community! ​​

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